How Do Humidors Work and How Do I Choose One

How Do Humidors Work and How Do I Choose One

Humidors work by producing perfect conditions for cigars. Too much moisture plus they will get moldy. Simply right, and great times. Here is what you want to understand.


The most significant part a humidor is its own humidification system, which is simple or complicated, based upon the size of this humidifier. The objective of the humidifier would be to add moisture into the humidor so the cigars can remain plump and burn with essential oils that give the taste and aroma you expect from your favorite cigars preserved. Check out this best humidor box for a better idea.

A humidor should constantly aim to maintain 70% relative humidity for optimum storage requirements. To be able to reach this, the humidor requires a supply of water. There are lots of approaches to present moisture into the inside, such as sponges, which can be the easiest replacements of all. A sponge soaked in warm water can discharge moisture indoors. It is essential that distilled water can be used to prevent introducing mold and minerals into the humidor.

Floral foam (the green cubes used for flower arrangements) retains lots of water and releases it slowly, but in addition, it absorbs cigar scents and will have to be replaced annually. A foam humidifier works well with propylene glycol rather than water since it is going to automatically preserve 70% relative humidity. Additionally, there are digital humidifiers, which can be little machines utilized in bigger humidors.


It measures the humidity levels inside to inform you if you will need to add moisture or consume any surplus water to wash things out. A hygrometer can be analog or digital (which will appear to be a needle which matches at a marked circle or semicircle). In a humidor with digital humidity controllers, it'll be joined to the humidifier. It is essential to look at your hygrometer frequently -- once each week or two -- to ensure all is well on your humidor.


This ought to be approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit in many situations, however you can keep your new cigars as trendy as 60 or as hot as 72 levels, aka standard room temperature array. To get humidors without temperature controls, a very simple thermometer will nonetheless offer invaluable feedback regarding the conditions indoors. In case the humidor includes a cooler or heater which permits you to control the warmth indoors, your thermostat will immediately control them for your own convenience. This also can help maintain humidity levels, as hot air holds more moisture, while cool air will be drier. Maintaining your temperatures stable helps keep humidity stable -- which means simpler cigar storage.

Spanish cedar

The conventional alternative for a humidor inside is Spanish cedar. Spanish cedar has some absorbent attributes, which let it absorb and discharge water to keep states evenly moist within the humidor. With all those components in place, your cigarettes should remain fresh and moist and will just mellow and improve with age.

How long can a humidor last?

If you purchase a well-built humidor, such as those listed above, there is no reason that it can not last you a life with the correct care and upkeep. Just because of their intended functions, the wear-and-tear which comes together with traveling will clearly reduce its own life span. It's the potential of lasting a couple of decades, based on how frequently you discard it. A good example is this clevelander electric humidor for more details.

How much can a humidor price?

A humidor's price fluctuates on its own features and capacity. You ought to be able to locate an excellent, cigar-box-sized humidor for under $100. If you're trying to find a sizable, reach-in humidor with a lot of bells and whistles, then it is easy to spend $200 to $500.

What do you require to get a humidor?

To get a humidor with a moisture-controlled cooling program, you are going to require a typical 120-volt electricity resource.